AJK PM warns India to avoid misadventure of attacking liberated territory


The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan on Tuesday warned India to avoid any misadventure of attacking liberated territory otherwise it would have to face stiff resistance and humiliation from the freedom loving people of AJK.
“We are the followers of Abu Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah, Khalid Bin Waleed, and Muhammad Ibn al Qasim and we will not only defend every inch of our motherland but will also protect the honor and sanctity of our Muslim mothers, sisters and daughters in India”, he said while addressing a seminar jointly organized by the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK) and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Commission in connection with the 75th Foundation Day of AJK government.
Terming the universities and educational institutions as nursery schools to prepare youth for nation building, the PM expressed his pleasure for organizing such a wonderful seminar by the university to sensitize the students about the struggle of their forefathers for achieving freedom.
Sardar Ilyas said despite of the worst kind of Indian atrocities, Kashmiri brothers and sisters continuously carried on their indigenous freedom movement with full courage and perseverance against one million Indian Armed forces. “Even today, Kashmiri mothers name their sons Burhan Wani and Syed Ali Geelani as to show their symbolic association with these personalities besides, their commitment with the liberation struggle”, he asserted.
PM AJK warns if the United Nations does not resolve the long-standing Kashmir issue as per its unanimously passed resolutions, it will lose its existence like many other global institutions.
Former AJK Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan urged upon the government of Pakistan to trust on Kashmiris and give them an opportunity to present their case themselves before the world community. “World is more interested in hearing the grievances of Indian atrocities by Kashmiri people themselves other than Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir”, he added.
Farooq demanded that the Azad Kashmir government should enter into a defense pact with Pakistan to protect the region from any possible Indian aggression. “In the first phase, Pakistan should try to get observer status for Kashmiris in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation”, he suggested.
The former AJK Chief Justice Syed Manzoor ul Hassan Gillani while speaking on the occasion said the longstanding Kashmir issue cannot be resolved according to the conditions and requirements of 1947 because the world has rapidly changed, now the Kashmir issue needs to be presented in today’s situation and global perspective.
The Vice-Chancellor University UAJK Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi in his welcome address threw light on the aims and objectives of the seminar and said that this event is an effort to help sensitize the youth about the background of base camp of Kashmir liberation movement, its objectives and goals as well as future challenges.
“Such programs are a regular feature of UAJK to continue its services in presenting the Kashmir issue in its true perspective to aware the youth in this connection”, he added. Dr. Abbasi informed that UAJK plans to host an international conference on Kashmir next year in which policy makers from Pakistan will be invited to get help in preparing a clear road map on the Kashmir issue.
He observed that India has expansionist ambitions in the region and neighboring countries are also not safe from Indian evil motives. Former Chief Justice AJK High Court Ghulam Mustafa Mughal in his address regretted that despite the passage of 75 years, no uniform national position could be adopted on the Kashmir issue. He said the time has come that Kashmiris should be given the right to represent their case before the world community so that they can better inform and persuade the world.
Executive Director Center for International Strategic Studies AJK Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja underlined the need to discuss the future course of action as India is constantly attacking the interests of Kashmiris. “Indian atrocities in the held valley are aimed at intimidating Kashmiris so that they cannot raise their voices against these acts of cruelties being committed against them by the Indian military and paramilitary forces on a daily basis”, she added.
She said it is the right time to raise this issue on all world forums and inform that world community regarding the sensitivity of Occupied Kashmir and the after affects of Indian unlawful and illegitimate actions of India and its repercussions on the Kashmir issue in future.
The seminar was also addressed by Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Commission, Ijaz Hussain Lone, Director Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Commission, Dr. Raja Sajjad Latif, Director Students Affairs, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Awan and others.