Are the appointments of Usman Buzdar, Murad Saeed, Mehmood Khan, Shahr Yar Afridi name of merit: Khawaja Asif


Defence minister Khawaja Asif has said appointments and postings are made in Pakistan army on merit.

“are the appointments of Usman Buzdar, Murad Saeed and Mehmood Khan name of merit. Imran Khan should tell when the inductions and postings in army were not made on merit. It does not behove any one to talk non serous against the state institutions., he said this while addressing a joint press conference with the Finance Minister (FM) Miftah Ismail here Wednesday.

He went on to say Imran Khan has said what against the army chief he has said under a pre-conceived conspiracy. The pre-conceived conspiracy is later changed into merit oriented talk.
His statements are only aimed at weakening the institutions and later seeing their reaction, he held.

The last appointment which was made by our government was the appointment of the incumbent army chief which was later endorsed by Imran Khan himself, he indicated.

Imran Khan has changed the meaning of what he had said. Imran Khan deliberately attacks and later he says I mean to say that.

No one has praised as much the incumbent army chief as Imran Khan had done during the last three years. Very important meetings took place and Imran Khan did not attend these meetings. Imran Khan is making the appointment of new army chief dubious deliberately.

He observed that the president Arif Alvi has also negated Imran Khan statement. This is the state of affairs in his party that his own associates are refuting his statements.

Imran Khan talks of what merit, he questioned. Did Imran Khan make appointments on merit during his tenure. Were the inquiries into sugar and wheat scandals made in merit. Were the appointments of Usman Buzdar, Murad Saeed, Shahr Yar Afridi and Mehmood Khan made on merit. Did the matter of Rana Sana Ullah Khan come upto merit. On what merit RT case was shut.

Imran Khan attacks the institutions first and later he gives explanation. Are the hands of this person clean.

He alleged that PTI appointed a man to please US who is regulating national health policy. Is it merit.

Is it merit to keep the money with oneself by selling the foreign gifts, he questioned. BRT inquiry has been buried, is it merit.

Imran Khan should come and appear in the court as per law and constitution. Corruption cases in respect of Imran Khan are being investigated.

I know those people who have said Buzdar mints money. Licenses of cement factories were sold out.

I know nothing about Shahbaz Sharif departure to London. Nor it is in my knowledge about making Hamza Shahbaz Chief minister. We will not go for any political vendetta.