Breast cancer awareness


Khansa Saeed

According to the International Cancer Research Agency, around 1.38 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year

Woman is the most beautiful creation of this world. The woman because of which colors were filled in the painting of this universe. If a woman laughs, the universe will ring with her laughter. In the form of this one woman, the true Creator has blessed us with countless relationships . It is our first duty to protect all these relationships and keep them informed before they get a deadly disease like breast cancer.
Throughout the year, the month of October is marked by tying a pink ribbon. The month of October is called Pink October because this month is celebrated as breast cancer prevention. This month is celebrated not only in Pakistan but internationally every year. The earliest mention of any type of cancer is in Egyptian documents from 1600 BC, which also mentions breast cancer. In addition, an ancient text of the Edwin Smith papyrus found in an Egyptian tomb in 1860 described eight cases of breast tumors or ulcers.
In 1990, the “Pink Ribbon Campaign” was launched for the first time in the world to raise public awareness about breast cancer. As part of this campaign, the women participants in the New York Marathon run wearing “pink ribbons”. Shortly thereafter, a charity was founded in New York. The objectives of which included raising funds for scientific research related to breast cancer and raising public awareness of the disease.
Every year, this organization conducts a campaign for breast cancer awareness using the pink ribbon symbol in collaboration with international organizations and all the participants in this campaign collect funds from the public to find out the causes, symptoms, diagnosis of breast cancer. , and used for treatment. It is a common disease in North America. According to a survey report, in the 1990s, 2 million women in North America suffered from breast cancer alone.
According to the International Cancer Research Agency, around 1.38 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Out of which 4 lakh 58 thousand women die from this disease every year. Pakistan has the highest rate of this disease among Asian countries and it is a matter of concern. In Pakistan every year 90000 thousand women are diagnosed with this disease and every 9 women suffer from this disease and every year 40000 women die due to this disease. After skin cancer, breast cancer is becoming the most common disease in women.
The muscles of the human body are made up of small cells, if these cells start to grow in an uncontrolled manner and form a pile in one place, then it becomes cancer. In breast cancer, a lump or tumor forms on the breast and its roots spread in the breast, due to which the breast feels painful and the structure of the breast changes and the sores grow inside, outside or under the breast and become cancerous. Take shape. These symptoms may vary according to the patient and the nature of the disease. Its causes vary according to international doctors.
Imbalance of hormones is one of the causes of breast cancer. Basically excess of estrogen hormone in the body is dangerous. On the other hand, women’s unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diet can also cause breast cancer. Breast cancer is also a hereditary cancer About 10 percent of breast cancers are caused by hereditary genetic defects, while women with genetic defects have an 80 percent chance of developing the disease in their lifetime. Breast lumps are usually the cause of breast cancer. These lumps in the breast, called polycystic or fatty cystic. Breast lumps increase the chances of breast cancer.
The main reason why breast cancer is spreading rapidly in Pakistan today is the lack of knowledge about this disease. In our country, women are not fully aware of the causes of this disease, due to which their disease is missed in the early stages of treatment. And they die. First of all, we have to tell women that if they feel even the slightest change in their body composition, they should get tested immediately so that the disease can be caught at an early stage. In addition, it is very important for women to get their tests done every six months. If you feel any change in your body, don’t be shy and tell the doctor about your condition.Sometimes women are ashamed to tell their disease to the doctor and the disease worsens. Therefore, awareness about this disease from the beginning is very important.
Like every year in Pakistan, commendable steps are being taken to prevent this disease. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is at the forefront of this awareness campaign. Apart from this, many doctors are doing their best to prevent this disease from progressing further.
The government should establish breast cancer awareness centers in all government hospitals. Where not only the awareness of this disease should be provided, but women should also be given the facility of free check-up and if the disease is diagnosed, they should be supervised by competent doctors and financial support should also be provided for the treatment. Seminars should also be conducted in women’s educational institutions to raise awareness about this disease.
Along with this, the health department should conduct a thorough awareness campaign about this disease in print and electronic media at least in the month of October, in which women should be convinced that breast cancer is a common disease like other diseases.
Media should also organize awareness seminars on this disease by inviting specialist doctors to tell people about the symptoms and treatment of this disease. Only by taking such measures can our women be saved from dying due to this disease.