CCP launches ‘the guidance on competition compliance’


ISLAMABAD(PR): The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), on the occasion of ‘World Competition Day’ on Monday, 5th December, has launched ‘The Guidance on Competition Compliance,’ an-easy-to-understand guide on the Competition Act, 2010, to promote voluntary compliance of the law.
The Guidance provides an operative and meaningful voluntary competition compliance programme for assisting businesses and other stakeholders to promote a culture of compliance and minimise their risk of involvement in competition law infringements and the costs resulting from anti-competitive behaviour.
Part-A of The Guidance explains key concepts of competition and substantive provisions of the Competition Act with illustrations and easy examples. This will help stakeholders to fully understand the prohibitions under the competition law.
Part-B of the Guidance deals with setting up and managing a competition compliance programme explaining various stages of its execution and evaluation.
The last section comprises of annexures relating to a checklist of do’s and don’ts of the Competition Law, a summary of the sections of Competition Act relevant to stakeholders, and the procedure to file a complaint with CCP.
In the first phase of implementation of the ‘Guidance on Competition Compliance’, CCP will provide training to the focal persons nominated by the chambers of commerce and industries who will assist businesses in implementing the compliance programmes while serving as the central points of communication between CCP and the businesses. In the second phase, training will be provided to the representatives of government organisations, regulatory bodies, state-owned enterprises and other stakeholders.
The Guidance on Competition Compliance can be downloaded from the website of CCP, and through scanning the Quick Response (QR) Code provided in the advertisements published by CCP in all the leading English newspapers of 5th December 2016.