Rogue elements near the border provoked people to engage in violence, Shibli
news desk
Minister for Information and Broadcasting Minister Senator Shibli Faraz on Friday said that the violent clashes which took place at the Chaman border a day earlier occurred due to the government’s efforts in putting a stop to smuggling. Yesterday, at least four people were killed and 19 left injured during clashes between protesters and security forces at the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the Faraz said that the borders of Torkham, Ghulam Khan, and Angor Ada were closed on account of Eid and in the light of the prevalent situation of coronavirus. He said that after the border’s closure, most of the people who had gathered to cross it, dispersed. However, a few hundred stayed behind.
“About 3,000 people used to come and go from the border every day,” Faraz said. The minister said that it was a few rogue elements among those who had stayed behind who incited the others to violence. “As a result, people tried to cross the borders forcefully.” “When the checkposts were damaged, we were forced to retaliate,” Faraz said, adding: “Shots were fired from across the border, which further worsened the situation.” “The government has put a stop to smuggling which has caused such elements to create a situation where the law and order is disturbed,” the information minister noted.