CM Punjab Pervez Elahi has outpaced Usman Buzdar in incompetence: Atta Tarar


Atta Tarar, Special Assistant to PM Atta Tarar has said Pervez Elahi, Chief Minister (CM) Punjab has outpaced Usman Buzdar in incompetence.

“Punjab is facing medicines shortage. We saved state instead of politics, Prime Minister is visiting every province for rehabilitation of flood victims .Government is fully committed for the rehabilitation of the flood affectees. The work in this way was not done regarding natural calamity during Imran Khan regime, he said this while addressing a press conference here Saturday.

PTI government is in place in different provinces, he held. It should have helped the flood affectees forcefully. The Punjab government efficiency in flood hit areas is next to nill. The provincial government is leveraging its potential in making the public meetings a success.

Unfortunately one man is holding public meetings by spending million of rupees, he claimed. It had been good if PTI would have spent millions of rupees on the rehabilitation of flood victims rather than public meetings.

At whose behest case was closed against Farah Goggi, he questioned. Why Farah Goggi and her husband are not being brought to Pakistan, he added.