Education- the third eye of a man


Aaqib A.Rind
In the wake of recent globalization, education is emerged as a key factor in the development and prosperity of any nation.There is no denying the fact that education is the third eye of a man if it is disseminated through well-trained teachers and by providing fresh environment and adequate infrastructure to the tutees in order to discern the real meaning and purposive education. The quality education brings positive changes in the human behavior and psyche mindset that, further, lead to the introduction of peace, tranquility and innumerable assertions in the society.
Personally, it was time to realize that education is, really, the third eye of a man when I got admission in the Mazhar Muslim Model Higher Secondary School (MMMHSS) situated at the heart of Sobhodero town in Khairpur District.It has various branches established in Ranipur, Gambat and Khairpur.Doubtlessly, they are serving Pakistan by providing quality education to the learners.Fortunately, students are blessed with very skilled and accountable teachers.The thousands of candidates are being selected in medical, engineering and other commission-based groups every year.These are the backbone of nation’s stabilization.It is pertinent to mention the adage of Diogenes: “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” In fact, during the widespread pandemic Coronavirus, the institution provided us the facility of online classes on a regular basis so as to achieve the goal of education.
It is deemed as education, In the real meaning , can not be practically adopted except the decesive role of dutiful teachers and well-established facilities.Teachers teach us how to think, build confidence, raise the voice against the violation of rights and cope with the difficult situations. It will not be wrong to articulate that teachers play an instrumental role in the sojourn of life from darkness to brightness in the essence of education.They provide us the friendly environment in classrooms. Several studies manifest that friendly classrooms and means of communication are the essential elements because a student spends 7 to 8 hours per day with the pedagogue.Similarly, in the words of Solomon Ortiz: “Education is key to success in life.Teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”
In a nut shell, it is mandatory to curtail the issues regarding education system that faces today in Pakistan because education is the only way to the development of state.The resposnisve educational institutions should be build, like Mazhar Muslim Model, in order to bring Pakistan a stable country in the global forum. Moreover, education in classrooms matter a lot in the flourishment of the children and these children are the bright future of the state.Hence , no doubt, classrooms decide the future of a nation that depend upon the type of education is given in the classrooms.

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