Facilitation journey must be accelerated to provide relief to people: Ch Parvez Elahi


Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said that it is imperative to control the rising inflation in the country as soon as possible.
He said this during his meeting with PTI Multan leader Shaukat Ali Qureshi, PML-N senior leader Dr Matin Ahmed and senior vice president PML-Punjab Makhdoom Babar Ali in Lahore on Wednesday.

The journey of facilities has to be accelerated to stabilize the prices of daily necessities and provide relief to the people.

He said that sincere workers are the assets of the party and we never leave them alone. Our party has always given priority to public welfare schemes, rescue 1122 emergency services, patrolling posts, free medicines, agricultural tax exemption for farmers up to 12.5 acres, paying half the tube-well bill are our successful projects.
Makhdoom Babar briefed Ch Parvez Elahi about the party organization in Multan.
Shaukat Ali Qureshi and Dr. Matin said that your services as Chief Minister for South Punjab can never be forgotten, people are still benefiting from these projects; people still remember your golden age and farmers pray for you.