Faiq rejects imposition of fixed charges of electricity


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah has lambasted the incumbent coalition government, saying that the rulers have snatched people’s right to live from people.
Shah slammed the government for imposing fixed charge of electricity on all consumers and expressed fear that a storm of inflation would come after the passage of federal budget
He said “Every child in the country is bearing witness to the worst government in the last 75 years.”
Faiq severely criticized the economic policies of the present rulers, saying the unprecedented price-hike and unemployment had never been seen in the history of the country.
He maintained the government has started implementing prior demands of the IMF after availing another bailout programme, saying that an inflation storm will come as a result of imposing new taxes.
Prices of essential food commodities are on the rise, Mr Shah said while talking to a group of reporters here on Sunday.
He said the poor masses have left on mercy of hoarders and profiteers.
The party chief criticized the governments and local administration for keeping mum.
Similarly, he said the fuel crisis once again looming in different parts of the country.
He said there was a proper price-check mechanism.
The party chief once again called for a broader consensus among political forces on a minimal common agenda to deal with the prevailing economic and political crises in the country.