Fair, transparent elections should be held in country, Mian Javed Latif


Islamabad: PML-N leader Mian Javed Latif said that fair and transparent elections should be held in country. Despite presence of constitution and law in Pakistan, country is being run with lawlessness and injustice. Traditions based on injustice have made Pakistan hollow. If they were not part of the sixteen-month national government, the gulf between the institutions and the people would have turned into a bloody civil war. In the fire of revenge, the opponents are taunting Nawaz Sharif. Remaining people sitting in institutions are creating environment same as before 9 May. An attempt is being made to make the elections controversial by creating an anti-Baluchistan narrative. Anti Pakistan forces are standing behind Chairman PTI. Institutions should take notice. While holding a press conference in National Press Club Islamabad, PML-N Leader Javed Latif further said that external pressure is being increased in Pakistan and decisions are being made on external pressure. ONLINE
Bilawal should compare the performance of PML N and PPP governments in federation.
Nawaz Sharif is trusted not only by Pakistani people but also by all the leadership of the region.