Fawad urges opposition to participate in NSC meeting


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad on Friday has said that the opposition s decision to boycott the meeting of Parliamentary Committee on National Security is regrettable.
In a tweet, he said it is for the first time in seven decades that a government is going to present its security policy before the parliament.
The minister said it is not a political issue, but a national security matter. He urged the opposition to review its decision and participate in the meeting.
The reaction came after opposition parties announced to boycott the in-camera session of the parliamentary committee on national security to discuss the security situation in the region.
The opposition stated that it had not only participated in the important sessions and briefings on national issues but also presented their suggestions. The government is using the Parliament as rubber stamp which is unacceptable, the joint statement stated.
The decision to not attend the NSC meeting was taken over government’s intention of bulldozing the key bills during the in-camera briefing.