FIA takes over control of operation of IVAS system on Torkham Border


Officials of Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) has taken over control of management and operation of the Intelligence Verification Access System (IVAS) here on Torkham Border last day.
Previously the system was run by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).
It is to be mentioned here that FIA has already taken control of the IVAS on Chaman Border
In a notification issued by the Afghanistan Interministerial Coordination Cell (AICC) strictly directed the FIA to hold control of the IVAS on Torkham and asked the NADRA to vacate the counters.
The notice further stated that in order to streamline the process of immigration at Torkham and Chaman following directions be implemented with immediate effect.
(1)FIA will allow immigration (entry/exit) of Afghan citizens through valid travel documents (passport) and IVAS system only.
(2)FIA will regulate entry/exit of the flowing category of Afghan citizens through IVAS system (registration/verification.
(i)Tazkira holders of Spin Boldak area (entry/exit through Chaman only), if exited from Torkham, their Tazkira is to be cancelled.
(ii)Shinwari category of Pakistan CNIC holders’ entry/exit through Torkham only.
(iii)Patients along with attendants not in possession of valid travel documents (entry/exit through Chaman and Torkham.
(iv)PoR and ACC holders (exit through Chaman and Torkham once exited will not be allowed to enter).
(v)FIA will share details of issuance of IVAS cards (REFID based) with AICC on 14 March, 2022.