Football: Saudi official banned over ‘dirty tricks’ claim


RIYADH : A Saudi football official who hinted at “dirty tricks” in the kingdom s top league has been banned for one year, state media reported late on Wednesday.
The Saudi Arabian Football Federation also fined board member Abdulatif Bukhari 300,000 riyals ($80,000), the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Bukhari is banned “for one year from playing or participating in any activities related to football,” the federation ruled.
“This is due to the grave violation in defaming, abusing, insulting, accusing and questioning the integrity and credibility” of the federation and the competitions it organises, it said.
“This was done through the media and without evidence.”
In an August 22 tweet, Bukhari referred to a team in Saudi Arabia s top flight Abdul Latif Jameel League.
“I smell some early hidden preparations and dirty tricks to make them win the championship,” he said, urging a “transparent and enjoyable” tournament.
Bukhari confirmed the federation s disciplinary action in a tweet on Wednesday night.
He can appeal the ruling.
In July the federation relegated Al-Mojzel, a club in the kingdom s second tier, for manipulating the result of a match.
Two Al-Mojzel officials and a player were banned from football for life.