Huawei join hands with App In Snap (AiS) (Pvt) Ltd


Huawei Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has leaped ahead in an understanding and collaboration agreement with App In Snap (Pvt) Limited, Pakistan, to endeavour for technology solutions jointly. In an event hosted in Karachi .officials, executives, and experts postulated that keeping up with IT infrastructure advancements is the only solution to address today’sever-challenging business requirements. To enable the democratization of technology, proactive approach to adapting the latest technology solutions by IT service providers is the need of the hour in all private and public sectors. This shall enable built-in systemic resilience to external factors like pandemics.
Huawei has a lasting tradition of honouring the credit where its due when it comes to acknowledging the trust, and sheer hard work of their business partners. AiS today is proud to be one of the most outstanding partners fromPakistan. In an MoU signed today atJoint Solution Launching and Technology Collaboration Ceremony, the two industry leaders have agreed to scale up their partnerships and aim to enhance the value and quality of solutions delivered to the customers, which will play a pivotal role in advancing digital development inPakistan.
Mr. Majid Khan, the CIO of App In Snap, stated that; “we believe in highly skilled technology agnostic human capital with specialized domain knowledge and expertise to help our clients grow for a better digital tomorrow.” Appreciating the ownership and the commitment of Huawei as an OEM, he added, “Ownership by any OEM is a cornerstone of a strong eco-system. Conclusively, the real success lies behind the fact that customers can not only procure and own easily, but the solution meets the market’s latest security and safety standards and has a lower total cost of ownership, enhanced expandability in which Huawei excels.
“On occasion, Mr. Shan Xiaoping stated, “Partners are the extended arms for Huawei and have brought quality in the business they conduct and will be an epitome of pride for Huawei.Huawei takes pride that AiS has attained Gold Partner and SI status in less than a year, which speaks of excellence that AiS team strives for.”Underpinned by connectivity, digital skills, and digital platforms, the transformation of the digitization and enablement of information technology is gathering momentum in Pakistan. Propelled by the many facets of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pakistan’s industry is riding high tide in technology advancements. To cope up, Huawei introduced its state-of-the-art storage product series (OCeanStor Pacific, OCeanStor Protect and OCeanStor Dorado unified storage series) which may help innovative IT services industry. It will further enable the vision of achieving multi-billion dollar IT service industry target set byPakistan Government.