Imran demands Rangers operation in Lahore


LAHORE; Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Sunday has demanded Rangers operation in Lahore to avoid political target killing.
In a statement, Imran Khan said that target killing incidents are increasing day-by-day in major cities including Lahore, therefore, the scope of Rangers operation in Karachi should be extended to Lahore, he appealed.
Condemning the murder of Jamaat-e-Islami worker Mirza Mohammad Tanveer, Khan said that two PTI activists were also killed last year but no action has been taken so far.
He also alleged that Punjab police has been made Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) military wing as government uses power wherever it feels danger.
He said that Punjab police officers are being used against political opponents while they are also not performing duties honestly.
PTI chief said that criminal mafia killed young lawyer Fahad Malik in Islamabad but no report has been submitted into the case yet.
The PTI supremo condemned the recent killing of his party worker Mirza Tanvir in Lahore. Tanvir was killed while he was returning from a hearing in the murder case of two PTI workers, who were killed last year during local government elections.
Imran Khan said Tanvir was the complainant in the double murder case and that he had been facing death threats.
“Where the politics of Sharifs is defeated, simply they use their Gulloo force – which is what the Punjab police has been reduced to – to intimidate and even kill their opponents,” the PTI chief maintained.
He alleged that the police was fully aware of the threats being meted out to Tanvir but it “failed to provide any protection” or to move against those issuing the threats.
“Destruction of the Punjab police’s professionalism by the Sharifs has sent a clear message to murderers that crime pays because they can get away with it,” he said, adding that the police shows its complicity in such cases of targeted killings.
The PTI chief reiterated his demand that the Rangers be called into Lahore immediately to act against target killers and militant outfits. “Punjab government is either unable to move or is unwilling to act and Punjab police has lost all credibility,” he said.
Imran also accused the Islamabad police of being complicit in similar targeted killings in the capital and cited the case of a young lawyer, Fahad Malik, who he said was “brutally attacked and killed”.
“Criminals carrying out such killings right in front of a police station is shocking,” he said.