Imran Khan a big “fitna”: Raja Riaz


Opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Raja Riaz has said Imran Khan is a big fitna (trouble) who is out to annihilate the country.

“ false case against Rana Sana Ullah Khan was constituted at the behest of Imran Khan. Imran Khan should resign for receiving funding from India and Israel. Akbar S Babar should be appointed as new chairman of PTI. Imran Khan is a liar and fraudster. People likeFarah Gogi, Shahzad Akbar and others who committed corruption during Imran Khan regime and fled the country should be brought back to Pakistan. Imran Khan is out to create chaos and mislead the young generation in the country. Imran Khan has two faces. One is Islamic and second is misleading the youths. He will assemble youths on August 14 and ask them to move to D Chowk. He will try to create chaos Imran Khan is dividing the institutions” he said this while talking to media men here at his residence Monday.

He held Imran Khan is a corrupt man and he is devastating country and nation. He destroyed all institutions during his regime so much so that he is trying to annihilate army.

I inform the government that what call has been given by Imran Khan on August 13 to save his corruption, he will assemble the workers and ask them to move to D Chowk and create lawlessness.

The entire nation stands with the armed forces, he underlined. PTI workers did heinous act on social media and I condemn strongly this act from PTI workers. Imran Khan may have said to his workers well done on this mean act.

He disclosed that once he went to Bani Gala to meet Imran Khan after election then Imran Khan inquired from him how Rana Sana Ullah succeeded in the polls. Now I will do some thing. When false case of drugs was registered against Rana Sana Ullah then I came to know that false case has been registered at the behest of Imran Khan.

I informed Imran Khan about corruption in Punjab, he said adding I told him that Usman Buzdar is minting money from posting and transfers. Usman Buzdar is paying huge money to Farah Goggi out of what he is grabbing from corrupt practices. Imran Khan said to me give me the proof.

I told Imran Khan so many institutions are working under him and he should get investigate the matter by them, he stated. If I am proved false then get resignation from me I asked Imran Khan. But he was not ready to give heed to my any plea, he added.

Imran Khan obtained Rs 25 billion loan during his regime but he did nothing for the common man, he claimed.