Industry Era Women Leaders Magazine Names Giovanna Mingarelli among 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of 2021


Ottawa/ Canada – Industry Era Women Leaders magazine has named Giovanna Mingarelli, chief executive officer and founder of M&C Consulting, to its 10 most successful women entrepreneurs of 2021.
Today Ms. Mingarelli was featured on the magazine’s November issue cover which will also include an in-depth profile where she details how she built her communications agency based on values of trust, kindness, respect, and dignity – all while executing clients’ revenue generation goals and increasing returns on investments.
“As a globally-minded leader, I seek ways for my clients to make their workplaces, communities, countries – and even the world – a better place,” she says.
Ms. Mingarelli, who leads a unique team of seasoned professionals across many industries, says the key to success is fostering a positive culture in the workplace.
“Listening to your team can help you incorporate amazing and creative ideas into projects – and it can also help you find the right solutions to a problem,” she says.
In addition to her business leadership, Ms. Mingarelli is also recognized as a mentor and role model to young women. As a firm supporter of women in technology, she also makes it her mission to help women grow, build confidence and achieve success.
Since its inception in 2010, M&C Consulting has built a reputation as a trustworthy company that delivers excellent results. Giovanna Mingarelli is an award-winning Canadian technology entrepreneur, public speaker and writer.
She’s on the advisory board of Women in Cloud, a UN Women-supported organization that is empowering women led-STEM companies with $1 billion in economic access by 2030.