Islamabad court grants police 48-hour physical remand of Shahbaz Gill


sedition case
District and Sessions Court has granted two days physical remand of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill to police in a sedition case registered against him. The court led by Judge Zeba Chaudhry ordered that the accused be presented in the court after two days.
PTI has announced to resort to high court against this decision. The review petition filed by police against dismissal of its earlier request for extension in physical remand of Shahbaz Gill came up for hearing before the court Wednesday. Special prosecutor Rizwan ABBASI said Judicial magistrate had given physical remand of Shahbaz Gill after his arrest.
The investigation officer requested for extension in physical remand.
He continued that the accused is lying repeatedly and polygraphic test has to be got conducted.
Rizwan Abbasi said more investigation has to be made from the accused. Shahbaz Gill has admitted before the police his one phone is with the driver. The investigation officer wrote clearly that not only recovery but also investigation has to be made on different aspects. The statement of the accused is not correct as per law of evidence. The justification on suspension of signals due to Ashura too is not correct. In ordinary cases remand is granted from 8 to 10 days. This is case of criminal conspiracy.
Suleman Safdar counsel for Shahbaz Gill argued certain aspects have been kept secret in the remand. Why the police need the physical remand of Shahbaz Gill. It has to be determined. The case registered against Shahbaz Gill is based on malafide intent. No one roams without mobile phone. Shahbaz Gill put his mobile phone in his pocket at the time of arrest which is very clear from video. The mobile is held by police then why they are demanding it. Shahbaz Gill case is based only on speech and words. The speech is already WITH the police. Punjab Forensic science agency sent the investigations within 24 hours then why investigation officer did not complete the investigation. The speech of Shahbaz Gill is patriotic speech and certain parts of it have been taken out. Where physical remand is required.
Lawyer Shoaib Shaheen argued shahbaz Gill says he is asked if Imran Khan drinks whisky or not. Do they not see the slogans of Maryam Nawaz. Can not they see the statements of Nawaz Sharif and Fazlur Rehman. Civil service should be independent institute. Pressure is being mounted for political victimization.
Special prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi said the smart phone of the accused has yet to be recovered.