Khatm-e-Bukhari Sharif held in Dagai, Khadukhel Buner


Madrasa Darul Banin Usman Khel Dagai Khadukhel Buner held a spirited ceremony of Khatm Bukhari Sharif in which a large number of scholars, students, elders of the areas and the general public participated.
The eminent religious scholar Sheikh Al-Qur’an and Hadith Maulana Muhammad Khan of Chota Lahore (Swabi) said in a passionate speech that the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are a guide for us.
“It is the source of guidance, by following which we can enlighten our worldly and hereafter life,” he added. He highlighted the virtues of the last hadith of Bukhari Sharif. After that, Sheikh Hadith Maulana Mahbub Zada also spoke on this occasion.
Addressing the gathering Sheikh Hadith Maulana Mahbub Zada said that the Holy Qur’an is a great heavenly book, which is a complete code of life for us. The miracles that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed for the reformation of a deteriorating nation.
On this occasion, certificates were distributed to 18 female students who graduated from Bukhari Sharif and 63 female students who completed Nazra and Tajweed and 10 completed their Hifaz. Prizes were also distributed among the students who obtained prominent positions.
The parents were congratulated and said that the students will prove useful to the society by serving the religion and their parents will get fruits in the hereafter. A special prayer for the Shariah system in the country. He also made a special prayer for the oppressed Palestinians who are victims of Israel’s brutality.