KP Assembly urges Centre to help Pakistanis in S.Arabia


PESHAWAR (INP): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in a unanimously passed resolution on Thursday urged the Federal Government to diplomatically settle Pakistani community`s problems with Saudi companies and issue of Saudi `Kafils`.
The resolution moved by MPA Sahibzada Sanaullah of Pakistan People Party which was signed by leaders of political parties noted that 2,500,000 Pakistani are living and working in Saudi Arabia and send huge foreign returns to Pakistan annually despite that they are numerous facing difficulties there.
It was said that Saudi Companies and `Kafils`(sponsors) bother the Pakistani laborers through different means and don`t pay them salaries on time due to which many Pakistani are living in very miserable conditions.
Pakistanis living in Saudi Arab were being unnerved as they were not given permission to perform Huj.
They are also facing difficulties regarding black listing and finger prints of one 1,68,000 people for a period of five years despite having legal visa permits.
In the resolution it was also demanded from Federal Government to enhance the counters from two to five as it were insufficient for millions of Pakistanis labours in Saudi Arab.
The Pakistani government should bound the staff of the embay in Saudi Arab to timely provide legal cover and take steps by using diplomatic channels for the release of Pakistanis languishing in Saudi jails over petty issues.
KP Assembly passes unanimous resolution, condemns blasts in Harmain Sharifain
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Thursday passed a resolution unanimously and condemned blasts in Harmain Sharifain.
The resolution was moved by Sultan Muhammad of Qawmi Watan Party which was signed by leader of the opposition Maulana Lutfur Rehman, Parliamentary Leader of PMLN Sardar Aurengzeb Nalotha, Parliamentary Leader of PPP Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha, Minister for Finance Muzaffar Said, Minister for Food Qalandar Lodhi and MPA Ahmad Khan Bahadar of ANP.
The resolution said that the land of Harmain Sharifain have importance for the whole Muslims Ummah. The terrorists attack on Harmain Sharifain hurts the sentiments of Muslims across the world.
The protection of Harmain Sharifain is the top priority of Muslims who are always ready to sacrifice everything for the cause.