Lack of Sense of Responsibility


Asma Ali

In Quran, Allah has regarded human beings as “Ashraful Makhloat”. Allah has given us the power of thinking due to which human beings are discovering the hidden secrets of nature and is able to differentiate between right and wrong. These are the qualities which animals don’t have and which makes the human being the uppermost creature. So along with this title of “Ashraful Makhloqat”, Allah has also handed over some burden of responsibilities and has given a clear way of living a life, fulfilling the utter most responsibilities.In his whole life he tries to meet his aims and goals and tries to perform his individual duties but had forgotten about his collective social, economic and political responsibilities.
One can say that human being has kept aside the lesson of spending a meaningful life while taking care of others. For carrying out all these responsibilities one can only need “Sense” which we are lacking badly.We can start from cleanliness as there is a saying in Pushto that “when the dog sits anywhere he also tries to clean the place with his tail first”. Keeping this saying in mind we can think that where we are going? Why we are left to say that cleanliness can only be seen in the outer world. Have we forgot about the teachings of Islam where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says that: “Cleanliness is half of the faith”. We never tried to clean to our surroundings although we try to pollute it more by throwing garbage out of the dustbins even in public places. And one thing which we collectively do is to blame the government.
If we throw the garbage out of dustbin so how we can blame the government they are not taking care of the environment. Government duty is to provide the dustbin in every public place and there is clearly written over the dustbin that “Use Me” and everyone knows that how much often we use it.We always complaint from the government that they are not providing proper attention to the damaged roads but when the new roads are build what we do with that?
First of all, we think of making an illegal speed breaker over it as we think it is foremost duty to do so.
After making that we realize that we have a sanitary pipe underground which needs repairing and after digging out that pipe we forgot to fill it back and we couldn’t imagine that how much dangerous and difficult it can be for the vehicles and pedestrians crossing by.In government hospitals we demand full fledge treatment and care of a patient but have we ever followed the rules of the hospitals where there is clear written that only one attendant can stay with the patient but what we do, everyone knows it well.
Even in emergency situation we didn’t let the doctors perform their duty properly. Can we only demand our legal rights without giving anything back to the society? Our educational institutions are only producing degree holders without having any sense of responsibility towards the community and society. They are more focusing on the fee structure every year. They have never thought of arranging any special class regarding civic education. Teachers are only teaching them without building their positive character towards the well-being of society.
There is no change in the curriculum and the students are compelled to study the old syllabus. We cannot deny the role of the government as nothing is possible without the help and support of the government but there are certain things which don’t need any type of investments and funds except human efforts.