Marriyum Aurangzeb claims PTI’s Shahbaz Gill was not tortured, shares video proof


Aurangzeb says “fake” videos of Gill are being spread on media to change PTI’s narrative
Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Saturday castigated PTI chief Imran Khan and party members for spreading “fake propaganda” on media regarding Shahbaz Gill.
Addressing a press conference in the federal capital, the information minister released videos of Gill, who is currently under treatment at PIMS Hospital, showing that the PTI leader is “perfectly fine” and no signs of torture can be seen on Imran Khan’s chief of staff.
Marriyum said that for the last three days “false propaganda” is being spread on social media as “fake” videos of Gill are being spread on all media platforms regarding him being tortured during his imprisonment.
Reiterating the coalition government’s claims, she said Gill gave a beeper to the private news channel on the directions of the party chief and the “script was also given to him by Khan”.
“No violence has taken place and the videos being shared on social media are fake,” she said, adding that those videos circulating on social media are actually of the man who was accused of rape in Chakwal.
The information minister mocked Gill for staging propaganda as soon as he sees the camera.
“This video is fake and he wasn’t tortured,” she said, accusing PTI of making attempts to change the narrative.
Interior minister to present evidence ‘soon’
“A case has been registered against Gill according to the law and investigation is underway,” Aurangzeb said, terming the news regarding him being sexually assaulted as “fake”.
“A storm of misbehaviour was seen on social media,” Aurangzeb said, warning that spreading fake videos fall under the category of cybercrime.
The information minister said that an inquiry is being held regarding this matter and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah “will soon present evidence in front of everybody.”
However, she hinted that all “dots of the story connect to Khan”; reiterating that the PTI chief wanted to divert attention from the reality — “which is against him.”
The minister shared the video of Gill — recorded a few hours before the press conference today — from his hospital room. In the video, Khan’s chief of staff can be seen properly dressed and reading something without the oxygen mask on.
Gill was arrested on August 9 in connection with an FIR registered against him for allegedly inciting mutiny among the armed forces.
Following his arrrest, the PTI leadership has levlled allegations of torture, with Khan claiming that Gill was subjected to sexual abuse as well.
‘Good news’
Reacting to the video, senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said that if the video released by Aurangzeb is real than it is “good news”.
He, however, questioned that if Gill is healthy then why are the authorities not allowing Imran Khan, media, and lawyers to meet him.
“The police should allow them to meet Gill,” he maintained.