‘My investor is my master’: PM Shehbaz seeks Turkish investment for 10,000MW solar project


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday made a pitch to Turkish entrepreneurs to invest in a 10,000-megawatt solar power project for Pakistan, saying “my investor is my master”.

The premier sought the investment while addressing a meeting of the Pakistan-Turkiye Business Council in Istanbul, where he reached later for a two-day visit.

payments to them would be ensured.

“It will be a complete departure from the past. Within 60 days, Turkish, and of course all international investors, will be paid without recourse to any third party,” he said, adding that the payments would be speedy and transparent.

The premier said believed it would be a “gateway for a new order in Pakistan” and allow the country to save billions of dollars by cutting down on fuel imports.

“Please trust me, trust my words. Come to Pakistan and, I will show you that, God willing, we will be great partners in this great investment portfolio, which will be a win-win situation,” he urged the investors. “You will get very nice profits and we will benefit, getting energy from the sun.”

PM Shehbaz assured them that the bidding process would be transparent and fair and bureaucratic delays.

He also asked the Pakistan ambassador in Istanbul to facilitate the Turkish investors in coming to Pakistan.

“Please come to Pakistan. Brother Naveed Qamar will receive you at the airport, roll out the red carpet […] and I will be breaking bread with you and have a complete discussion over there. And we will only open the doors of the rooms once we have come to a firm and concrete understanding of everything,” he told the investors.