NCAI at NUST signed MOU with RMU for advance research, diagnosis assistance and AI-based healthcare product development


In a significant move towards integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Pakistan’s healthcare system, the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), headquartered at NUST, has joined hands with Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU) and its affiliated hospitals.
This partnership aims to advance research, diagnosis assistance, AI-based healthcare product development, and other applications of AI technologies in the healthcare sector.
The collaborative venture outlined in the MoU holds immense promise for enhancing patient care standards, improving healthcare outcomes, and addressing pressing challenges.
The integration of AI in medical systems and medical education will transform the healthcare landscape of this region. This alliance will also streamline the enhancement and deployment of NCAI’s indigenous AI-driven healthcare products in this sector and it will assist the disease trend assessment to conduct the predictive analysis for preventive measures.
The collaboration aligns with Pakistan’s national agenda of fostering innovation and driving economic growth, positioning the nation as a leader in AI-driven healthcare solutions.
NCAI is the government of Pakistan’s premium institute in the field of Artificial Intelligence utilizes the expertise of the top-notch national AI fraternity to drive innovation in various domains of daily life including healthcare.
AI radically enhances healthcare services delivery on the international landscape. NCAI collaborates with numerous prominent hospitals to integrate AI into the healthcare regime. RMU, along with its affiliated hospitals including Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, and others, renowned for its excellence in healthcare provision, stands as an ideal partner with its rich history and comprehensive facilities. These healthcare facilities cover the entire Potohar region, and a number of patients also hailing from the KP region.