No one will support ultra-constitutional act: Sherry Rehman


Pakistan People Party Vice President Sherry Rehman said no one will support ultra-constitutional act.
She said that PTI members have openly expressed no-confidence and government allies are advising Prime Minister to resign.
In a statement she said that Imran Khan has clearly lost the majority in the house and now he should not be in the office.
Moreover she added that PM is being advised to pursue non constitutional ways like attack on Sindh house, imposition of governor rule and disqualification of members before vote.
Sherry Rehman said that irresponsible acts of the government will bring country toward chaos and crises.
“No-confidence is a constitutional act, government should avoid unconstitutional acts”: Sherry Rehman
She stated that in current situation Speaker should play constitutional role, while his statements do not represent his position.
Speaker cannot disqualify members before the vote so any ultra-constitutional acts will not be in the interest of the country.