No shortage of flour in Malakand District: DFC


District Food Controller (DFC) Malakand Noor Hayat Tuesday clarified that there was no shortage of flour in the district saying daily 960 flour bags of 20 kilogram weight each were sold out to the people at the government rate of Rs808.
The DFC maintained that 790 wheat flour bags of 100kg each were being provided to the seven mills of the district for grinding. He reiterated that there was no problem in demand and supply of the commodity.
The provision of flour to the far flung areas of the district continued unabated through trucks. He advised the people to procure flour as per their requirement and avoid stocking the commodity in the homes.
Meanwhile President Nanbai Association Malakand Malang Jan during press talk here disclosed that the association has decided not to observe strike for hiking prices of the bread. Therefore all the Nanbai shops would open in the district for convenience of the consumers.
He said the administration and Nanbais have the feelings that being Muslim, we are not supposed to go for the timely profit by increasing the rate of the bread.