Opposition playing negative politics: Usman Buzdar


Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar has said opposition is playing negative politics as they have no interest in the problems facing the people.

“Country is passing through critical phase. Consensus, unity and harmony are more needed than ever before in the perspective of evolving situation in the region.

Those trying to create instability in the country in the prevailing situation are acting against the national interest, he added. Serving personal interests through political chaos in the critical situation is tantamount to indulging in anti state acts.

Those fomenting political anarchy should nail the senses, he urged.

Opposition has put the national interests at stake and they are intoxicated with lust for power, he underlined.

The nation will never forgive the negative attitude of opposition, he held. These elements will have to render account to the nation on their bid to detrack the strengthening national economy, he underscored.