Over 100 cars collide on icy China expressway; scores injured


More than 100 cars collided on an icy expressway in the Chinese city of Suzhou, injuring several people, NDTV reported on Friday. CCTV footage and videos circulating on social media show windows broken and cars clumped together haphazardly on the highway with glass scrap everywhere.
According to Suzhou Industrial Park traffic police, three people have been hospitalised after facing several injuries, while six others have suffered minor gashes. The cause of the incident is being investigated, while the road has been opened for traffic again.
Over the past few weeks, large parts of China have been hit by cold waves, with several areas given blizzard and heavy rain warnings. Due to this, traffic conditions have worsened, affecting millions of Chinese wanting to go back home for the Lunar New Year celebrations.
The government has increased its emergency responses to cater to transportation and electricity flows due to the worsening weather. According to weather warning data on VariFlight, 34 of the more than 260 airports in the country have issued fog and snow warnings.
Furthermore, the China meteorological department has issued a heightened warning for falling temperatures.