ISLAMABAD : Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Security Moeed Yusuf said that Pakistan political and military leadership is on one page.
“Pakistan political and military leadership is on one page. Pakistan stands for peace. Good friendly relations with the neighboring countries and peace in the region is priority of government. We should be self-confident. We are not deterred by any one”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Saturday.

He held the expansionist designs of India have put the peace of region at stake. India’s negative intentions are posing threat to all its neighbouring countries. India has fomented chaos in the entire region.

“We are informing the world about India’s terrorism in Pakistan. We presented evidences of India’s terrorism in Pakistan one by one. Pakistan is striving for peace and prosperity in the region and Pakistan sacrifices for peace in the world are not hidden from any one, he remarked.
He underlined that Kashmir is the only issue of Pakistan which is above politics. India is giving narrative in Occupied Kashmir that Pakistan has bargained and it is not serious.

He reiterated that Kashmir issue should be addressed as per UN resolutions and will of people of Kashmir. India is treating Kashmiris like animals.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister had said that if India takes one step towards us, we will take two steps towards them but unfortunately Indian PM is taking steps in the other direction. We made it clear on India that we are ready for negotiations on Kashmir issue.

He underscored that Pakistan narrative is peace and economic development. Pakistan will not move forward unless it achieves development on economic front CPEC is the project of development for the region. China has become our partner. US should also make investment in Pakistan.

Moeed Yusuf observed “Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan. But US is in Afghanistan since 21 years.

Responding to a question he said media is part of Pakistan diplomacy because 90 percent published news are lifted from local media.