PDM does not support secret balloting at all: Maryam Nawaz


LAHORE, FEB 13 (ONLINE): PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz has said PDM does not support secret balloting at all.
“PDM does not support secret balloting at all only money does not work in the secret balloting. PTI MPAs are now fleeing therefore, timing has come to their mind now. They have been exposed before the people., she said this while talking to media men here Saturday before her departure to Daska.
It is they who have made video , collected money and they themselves are now crying for it, To whom they are befooling:, she added.

She claimed historical efforts were made to break up PML-N but it could not be split up being an ideological party. If some one quits the party then people will hold him accountable, she added.

She remarked Nawaz Sharif ideology was adopted by the people wholeheartedly.

She underlined Imran Khan is now saying the timing of the video be not seen. When timing suits you then you steal the entire election of chairman Senate. We are launching the movement against this double faced system.

She remarked “ we will introduce election reforms at every cost. PDM too wants this..All the tactics are being utilized to save an incompetent and inefficient government.

We will bring election reforms. PDM too wants it but no legislation can be enacted by sitting with the obedient man, she held.

“We will block the way of selected and selectors. Those who have voted for change are now hiding themselves, she added.

“I know those who have voted against the party. Telephonic calls are got made for changing loyalties, she alleged. It is said leave the party otherwise the video will be released.

She claimed chairman Senate election was snatched. When Senate election took place then one man was coming out with hidden face.

“PDM wants that vote should be counted in favor of the respective voters. People decision is against the fake government and in favor of PML-N, she remarked.

Responding to a question about the matter of not dragging into the politics she said DG ISPR is respectful for me. But people will make mockery of him due to such things on his part. Because after it things have come back to back before us that how the Senate election was snatched. What happened with justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui and Justice Qazi Faez Isa. Judge Arshid Malik matter came to open. You should say what the world accepts. Otherwise the yours and institution prestige will suffer heavily.