PM Imran Khan cuts the ribbon of the work done by some other government: Murtaza Wahab


PPP leader Murtaza Wahab has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan cuts the ribbon of the work done by other government.

“PM used to name bus service Jangla bus service”, he said this while talking to media men here Friday.

He claimed federation had done no work in Karachi despite promises. We have to reject the hypocrites as they surface only during the election time.

PTI pledged to provide 1100 billion rupees for Karachi and jobs to people of Karachi, he underlined.

He remarked we are facing difficulties and federal government is also not supporting. Imran Khan used to say he would not go to IMF and he would commit suicide rather than going to IMF.

Murtaza Wahab held two time meal is not available to the poor person due to inflation and unemployment.

He pointed out PPP is constructing roads in Site area. 70 percent constructions in Lahore are illegal, he added.