PM Imran to show ‘threat letter’ to senior journalists, allies today


Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Wednesday that he would show a “letter” he brandished at the PTI’s March 27 power show, purportedly containing evidence of a foreign conspiracy against the government, to senior journalists and the government’s allies later today.

He made the revelation while addressing a ceremony for the launch of the e-passport facility in Islamabad.

The development also comes a day after the government said the premier was ready to share the letter with the chief justice of Pakistan. At the same time, it had claimed that the letter could not be presented in parliament due to the “sensitivity” of the issues.

In the PTI’s public meeting in Islamabad on Sunday, the premier had pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and waved it at the crowd, claiming it was evidence of an “international conspiracy” being hatched to topple his government.

“Foreign funding is being used to change the government. Money is coming from abroad and people inside the country are being used. Some of them are unaware they are being used and some are intentionally using this money against us,” he had alleged.

During today’s ceremony, the prime minister touched upon the current political crisis in the country, stating that this was “nothing new” in a parliamentary democracy.

“People lose confidence in their party,” he said, adding that a no-confidence motion was a “democratic” move.

“But this is a foreign imported conspiracy and it started when people from abroad started controlling Pakistan through telephone calls. They cannot tolerate a leadership that works in the people’s interest.”

Reiterating his criticism of America’s ‘war on terror’, he said that Pakistan had paid a heavy price for its participation. He said that many were unaware of the exact scale of the suffering of those living in the country’s tribal areas.

“We sacrificed our interests for those abroad but they never valued it,” he said.

The premier said he would show the letter containing evidence of a foreign conspiracy against the government to senior journalists and allies.

“The document that I have, I will show it to senior journalists today. We want to protect the nation and can’t divulge the details in public. People think this is a joke and I have decided to share it with top journalists.”

He added that he would also call one member from each allied party to show them the “document and prove that it is real”.

“People can take whatever decision they want to. But beware of the fact that, directly or indirectly, you may become a part of a huge international conspiracy,” he said, adding that the document would provide proof of the same.