PM Shehbaz Sharif to appoint new army chief in November: Khawaja Asif


Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has said appointing army chief is a constitutional obligation and Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif will appoint new army chief in the month of November.

“Imran Khan wants to make the matter of appointment of new army chief controversial. Imran Khan can put at stake national security for the sake of power. What can be more selfishness than this Imran Khan says to IMF not to give money to Pakistan. Such mean act can be done only by enemy”, he said this while talking to media men here Saturday.

He held PM Shehbaz Sharif visit to Uzbekistan remained successful. PM raised Pakistan stance in SCO meeting. PM met with the heads of the member countries while Chinese and Russian president extended invitation to him to visit their countries.

Shehbaz Sharif will undertake official visit of China in the first week of November, he pointed out. The date for visit to Russia will be announced later. Russia has offered to provide wheat and gas to Pakistan.

PM also informed the participants of SCO about the flood situation in Pakistan, he held. The member countries held out assurance to PM to extend cooperation.

Chinese president while expressing commendatory remarks for PM said we are well aware that you are a pragmatic, practical minded and efficient leader.

Russia seconded Pakistan stance on Ukraine; he said adding PM will leave for New York after two days to attend UN General Assembly session.

When we came to power 6 months back we were facing difficulties. Now world is ready to help Pakistan and situation is heading towards improvement slowly, he remarked. We will see dip in the prices of essential commodities in coming days, he assured.

Today nation needs more unity and political stability than before , he underlined. The nation will have to come out of calamity of flood in unison.

He observed now PTI should evolve global trend conspiracy instead of foreign conspiracy.

Politics will be done at the opportune time of doing politics. When the election takes place then there will be politics. But we are still ready to go for chartered of economy. We can talk by keeping aside the politics.

He claimed that Chief ministers Punjab, KP and Gilgit-Baltistan were seen nowhere in the flood situation. There is advent of winter and flood affectees are sitting under open sky.

We are ready to talk to all parties because the honor of the country and institution is hurt due to controversial things, he added.

He went on to say appointing army chief is a constitutional obligation and former PM Nawaz Sharif has fulfilled this national obligation four times.

But he never made the appointment of army chief as point of discussion. Now PM Shehbaz Sharif will discharge this obligation for fifth time in November as per law and constitution. Therefore, constitutional obligation should be avoided to be made topic of discussion.

Imran Khan tries to make every matter controversial. Imran Khan says neither he will play nor will allow others to play, he started.

The appointment will not be made at the desire of Imran Khan, he observed. Let him say what he wants to say, It makes no difference, he added. Imran Khan tries to make every matter disputed. One day he says some thing and other day he says some thing and other day he deviates from what he has said. Imran Khan is not talking of the devastated flood affectees, he indicated.

He underscored our national security is interlinked to our economic security. Imran Khan is repeatedly attacking national and economic security of Pakistan. Legal action should be initiated against him.

No proposal has been given in respect of extension in the service of the incumbent army chief.

To a question he said the courts decisions are vital sources of the law. We should see by keeping in view the past decisions. If the past decisions are not in line with law and constitution then there should be redressal. PML-N leadership has gone to hangman noose. What scale of law is for us it should be for all equally