Lahore November 21 (Online): Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Senator Siraj ul Haq has termed the prime minister’s claim to put the economy on track contrary to the ground realities.
It seemed the PM’s aides were misleading him or he himself lacked ability to understand the plight of the masses, he said in a statement issued from Mansoora-Lahore on Saturday.
Poverty, unemployment, inflation were the trademarks of the PTI government, said the Senator, adding thousands had lost jobs since the day PTI came to power and millions were starving as they could not afford one time meal a day due to skyrocketing prices of basic food commodities. The prime minister, he said, should spare some time and visit the market to recognize the severity of the situation and understand the sufferings of the masses.
It had been proved, he said, the PTI lacked ability to fix the deteriorating economy and introduce reforms in different sectors. The government, he said, had not only disappointed the general public but it lost support of its own enthusiastic supporters who believed in the tall claims of Imran Khan and voted him into power in 2018 elections.
The JI, he said, had already started a campaign against the inflation and wrong policies of this government. For this, he said, the third mass rally was being organized in Swat on Sunday. It was time, he said, the masses take stand for their rights and sent the incapable rulers to home.
Meanwhile, JI Deputy Emir Liaqat Baloch highlighted the need for unity among the ranks of Muslim Ummah. Talking to delegation of the students from Sudan and a journalist from Turkey who called on him at Mansoora, he said Muslim world was facing enormous problems due to mutual differences and fights and had they set aside their differences, they would have achieved their old glory back within no time.
The people of Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria, he said, were spending miserable lives due to civil wars and foreign occupation but the rulers of Muslim world were paying no heed to their problems and not ready to unite the ummah.
Baloch, later, attended the funeral prayer of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan chief Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi and declared the late leader the great religious personality whose heart was full of love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH).