Punjab governor visits Scottish parliament


Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, who is on an official visit to United Kingdom (UK), visited Scottish Parliament on Friday and met high-level entities including speaker of Scottish Parliament, Glasgow’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for health Hamza Yousaf.
According to details, Punjab Governor was warmly welcomed to the Parliament gallery by speaker and other parliament members. Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar invited the speaker to visit Pakistan.
During the meeting, Peace and stability in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s role for peace in the region including Afghanistan and other issues were discussed.
Later, talking about the meetings, Sarwar said that during his visit to Glasgow, there have been very successful meetings with the Speaker and other members including the First Minister. “I am happy that everyone appreciates Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to Afghanistan and eradicating terrorism.
In these meetings, I have emphasized that in the current context, Afghanistan must be helped unconditionally by the world community because If issues like rising inflation and unemployment are not addressed there, then the situation in Afghanistan will not be under anyone’s control and would be catastrophic for the whole world.” Sarwar said, according to a press release issued here by the governor house.