Sweden’s decision to apply for NATO membership not aimed against Russia — PM


The Swedish ruling Social Democratic Party’s decision to support the country’s application for NATO membership is not aimed against Russia, Prime Minister Magdalena Andresson said on Sunday. “We think that it [membership in NATO] is good for Sweden. It is not aimed against Russia,” she said.
Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde tweeted on Sunday that the Social Democratic Party “took a historic decision to say yes to apply for a membership in the NATO defense alliance,” since “the security situation for Sweden and Europe as a whole” has allegedly deteriorated due to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.
According to the inter-party parliamentary report released in Sweden on May 13, the country’s membership in NATO will raise the level of security for the country. Debates on the report and on the security policy will be held in parliament on May 16.
A government meeting will be held on the same day to make an official decision on the country’s application for NATO membership. According to the Svenka Dagbladet newspaper, corresponding documents may be referred to Brussels on Tuesday.