Ukraine Embassy to celebrate Day of Unity on Jan 22


Every year on January 22 Ukrainian people commemorate two significant historical events including the Proclamation of Independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1918 and the Act of Unification of Ukrainian lands a year later in 1919.

National unity is not only a basic value on itself, but also is an essential prerequisite for viability of any state, its ability successfully resist internal threats and external aggression. Therefore, the Day of Unity is an occasion to remind that despite the temporary occupation Crimea and territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Ukrainian Nation remains united, said a press release here on Wednesday.

Despite all the threats, Ukrainian people, the leadership of the country hand to hand with international partners will make each and every effort to restore the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukrainian state by all available means, including political, legal and diplomatic. Ukraine is committed to diplomacy. It is seeking peace, justice and security not only for itself, but also for the entire Europe.

The Ukrainian People’s Republic was the first Ukrainian state in the 20th century, so August 24, 1991, not the acquisition but the restoration of Ukrainian statehood took place.
The Ukrainian People’s Republic was the first among newly established states in Eastern Europe, which declared independence – earlier than the Baltic states, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The proclamation of the Unity of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic on January 22, 1919 meant unification of the Ukrainian lands in single state. These events, laid the basis for modern Ukrainian statehood.
The Act of Unification marked the culmination of the unification movement, which lasted from the mid-nineteenth century on Ukrainian lands divided between different states.

That time, Ukrainian independence was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, waging a “hybrid warfare” against Ukraine. Ukraine’s loss of independence because of the Bolshevik occupation in the long run led to millions losses in lives during the Holodomor, repressions and war.

Nowadays, more than century after the proclamation of independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Act of Unification of Ukrainian lands, the Unity day retains its special relevance and significance, as the struggle of Ukrainian Nation for its unity sovereignty and territorial integrity continues