US tech entrepreneurs urged to invest in upgrading Pakistan’s tourism industry


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S., Masood Khan, has urged Pakistani-American Tech entrepreneurs to invest in promoting Pakistan’s tourism and digitalization of its industry. “With digitalization of necessary information, including bookings, lodging, transportation and availability of accurate information, the tourism sector of Pakistan will witness a transformative change,” he said at a special session of the Annual Open Silicon Valley Forum 2023 in San Francisco, a city in the US state of California.

The subject of the conference was “Exploring Pakistan’s Tourism Treasures: From Mountains to Metropolises.” “Our joint ventures will help tapping the existing potential of tourism. Your equity participation will pay you off well,” Ambassador Masood Khan said. He thanked the organizers of the session which he said would “induce people to visit Pakistan and get a first-hand experience of witnessing its pristine beauty.” Pakistan has the tallest mountains, scorching deserts and a captivating coastline, he said, adding, “Pakistanis are loving, caring and welcoming people — known for their hospitality and taking care of guests.” A land of ancient civilizations, the ambassador said, Pakistan had everything to offer to every kind of tourist. Masood Khan said that the country had a strong domestic tourism industry and tens of millions of tourists visits various locations. “We are trying to upgrade our infrastructure so that we could absorb more international tourists in the country,” he said.