What do colours reveal about personality?


Prof. Abdul Shakoor

In relationships, you prefer to lead from a ‘head over heart’ approach. At work, you shine for your intelligence. You are creative. You maintain high morals even while working

Colors are the emotional expression of our personality. Colours have the power to influence your audience’s emotions and behaviours. This gives you additional behavioural options as you interact with people throughout the day. Understanding personality strengths and limitations is important for all walks of life to enable the achievement of goals while providing a motivation for positive behaviour. Colour psychology covers various fields like business, branding, spirituality, mysticism, our personal tastes and choices. You’d be surprised how much color can affect the way we think and act. If your favorite color is red, you want power and control. You may also be good at manipulating things and people. You may have been frustrated at school because your life was limited and many of the usual things. In a relationship, you like to work things out and expect the same from your partner. You love with passion and intensity. You are bold, determined, outgoing, persistent, and unafraid to take the initiative or speak your mind. You think quickly and wrap things up quickly. However, if you are not interested in a task, it may be difficult for you to do anything.
If your favourite colour is blue, you are looking for meaning and significance in life. You need to nurture, encourage and support your environment and relationships. You want to feel authentic and unique in everything you do. You value integrity and unity in relationships. You are a natural romantic and nurturer. You enjoy nurturing people, plants and animals.
As a child, you sought recognition and were quite sensitive to rejection. You may have had trouble adjusting to the mundane routines of school because you had a highly imaginative mind. You work better in an environment of encouragement rather than competition. In relationships, you seek harmonious relationships where you can be truly romantic. You tend to make decisions based on emotions. You want to be understood and appreciated. You are good at resolving conflicts between people. If your favourite colour is green, you are a natural visionary, non-conformist and problem-solver. You value intelligence, insight, fairness and justice. You live by your own standards. In your childhood you did exceptionally well in intellectually stimulating subjects. You are more inclined to work on your larger interests than to blindly follow a set routine.
In relationships, you prefer to lead from a ‘head over heart’ approach. At work, you shine for your intelligence. You are creative. You maintain high morals even while working. You like to be praised for your good work. You are strong willed. If your favourite colour is yellow, you are an optimistic, cheerful and creative type of person. You cannot stay alone for long. Feelings of joy and happiness keep you motivated. You are quite selective when it comes to making friends as you prefer tightly knit happy social groups rather than large groups. You are good at hiding emotions behind their high-energy erratic behaviour.
You can also be arrogant in negative situations. In relationships, you like to stay in the present. You love generating new ideas. You also make good financial decisions. Sometimes, you can jump in too quickly and rush things. You have a strong independent streak. You are good at finding information and networking. If your favorite color is black, you are a strong-willed, determined, confident, independent, risk-taking person. You can appear serious, threatening and authoritative in your work as well as relationships. You are a traditional and conservative individual who excels at mystery, beauty, intensity, dignity, sophistication and modesty. Your appearance shows that you are in complete control of your reality, but you can be quite insecure on the inside.
You are also often jealous of your status and lifestyle. In relationships, you keep people at a distance to protect your feelings and secrets. You take time to absorb raw feelings. You can be rebellious at times. At work you have an extraordinary ability to make anything happen. You adhere to professionalism. Helping others is difficult. You may rebel against authority. If your favourite colour is white, you are a peaceful, patient, compassionate, calm, orderly, cautious type of person. You avoid confrontation.
You are an intelligent person who stands for chastity, purity and innocence. You strive for simplicity, cleanliness and peace. You are sought after for your calm presence and peaceful nature. You deal with most situations diplomatically. In relationships, you are generous, kind and a good listener. Your goal is to feel good more than to be good. You need to be accepted for your uniqueness.
You may be peaceful and gentle on all surfaces, but you have a strong, quiet stubbornness that comes out when you’re treated unfairly. You don’t like being bossed around. If your favourite colour is pink then you are a social butterfly type of person. You want unconditional love. You are a generous person who will put the needs of others before your own. You are charming. You value being around family and friends. You are a romantic person.

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