06 Power Culprits apprehended during raids


Islamabad(PR):Upon the special directives of Chief Executive Officer of IESCO Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has apprehended 06 electricity thieves in different areas of IESCO Region. According to the details provided by the concerned offices, 1 from Jhelum Circle and 5 from Chakwal Circle apprehended. These culprits were found involved in power theft through direct line (Kunda System) and Meter Tempering. IESCO has lodged applications against power thieves under the new electricity (Amendment) Act. IESCO is committed against power theft across IESCO region. Customers are requested to inform about power theft on IESCO’s new Roshni 8398 sms service or by calling on IESCO’s help line No 118. The new “ROSHNI SMS Service 8398’’ and IESCO help line 118 is serving commendably in entire IESCO region including Islamabad circle, Rawalpindi circle, Jhelum circle, Chakwal circle and Attock circle.
These services are getting massive response from its users. Any Information regarding new connection, tariff, shut down etc can be obtained and complaints regarding over billing, low voltage, late receiving of bills can text to IESCO’s Roshni 8398 SMS service.