200kg fake jaggery, adulterated milk seized


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority on Monday seized 200 kilogram spurious jaggery from a production in the district.
The unit was producing the fake jaggery, locally known as Gurh, by mixing sugar, chemical and non-food grade colors.
According to a press release, the action was taken on the directives of the authority Director General Shahrukh Ali Khan.
The team found the hygiene condition of the unit in a very deplorable area.
Sugar, chemicals, spoiled jaggery and unhealthy dyes were being produced in the unit.
The use of sugar, spoiled jaggery and chemicals instead of sugarcane was caught in the production of jaggery.
In separate action, the authority seized 500 liters of unhealthy and adulterated milk in district Bannu.
Officials of the authority added that heavy fines were imposed on the owners of adulterated milk and notices were issued to improve quality during the process.