5E to be game changer in Pakistan’s economic development: Maryam Aurangzeb


Information minister Maryam Aurangzeb said 5E will prove game-changer in Pakistan’s economic development.
Exports, Water and food security, climate, energy, are pillars of equity turn around Pakistan. She said this new frame work will increase imports, and appreciate business and employment.
In statement on Friday information minister said Pakistan’s development path will pave by promoting education, health and control over population. Cheap and uninterrupted provision of energy will speed up economy and business. Climates will improves through water reserves and food security, she added. Information minister said youth will be developed through E-Pakistan. They will be empowered.
She said GDP defecit decreased from 4.9% to 4.6% which proves government right policy. 76% decreased in current account deficit is the sign of right economic policy. 40.4% decrease in trade deficit expressed right economic steps. Trade deficit which was $43.4 billion is now $25.8 billion.
This is the beginning of improvement, she added.
Import decreased by 29.2% which influenced the economic improvement. Imports decreased from $72.3 billion to %51.2 billion, which she called a step to betterment.
Further Maryam maintained that Rs.6210 billion tax collected which was 348.2 billion Pkr last year. Current fiscal year despite the target of 7 lacs, 9 lacs 12 thousand new tax payer were registered. This is proving of increase in tax net.
1.15 trillion Pkr was allocated for development budget which will increase economic ectivities in country.