7-day Anti-Polio drive will start in Balochistan from Monday 26th February


QUETTA: Coordinator Emergency Operation Centre Balochistan Syed Zahid Shah has said that a 7-day Anti-Polio drive will start in the entire province from Monday 26th February. During the campaign, a target number of 2.65 million children will be vaccinated and Vitamin A drops also be given to the children.

He expressed these views in a statement on Sunday. Syed Zahid Shah has said that since 2021, not a single case of Polio has been reported in Balochistan, but it is noteworthy that the virus is detected in the environmental samples in 10 districts of Balochistan. The Districts where the polio virus has been detected in environmental samples, include Quetta, Pishin, Chaman, Hub, Sibi, Naseerabad, Mastung, Keach, Dera Bugti.

He emphasized that for the eradication of poliovirus, all the available resources are being utilized and the polio teams are determined to do that.

“Due to the dedicated efforts of the polio teams and others, Balochistan has been declared polio-free for three years,” he said.

While appreciating the efforts of the Polio workers, he said that despite the cold and harsh weather, the teams are fulfilling their national responsibility.

Syed Zahid Shah said during the campaign, a total of 11,446 teams will be working, including 9,170 mobile teams, 958 fixed sites, and 623 transit points teams. He stressed that the security arrangements for the polio workers have been completed.

The coordinator of Emergency Operation Centre Balochistan expressed that the efforts would not stop until the threat of Polio is eradicated.

Coordinator said that though we don’t have case for more than 3 years but the positive environmental samples is a constant threat and it can affect any child who missed the polio vaccine in any campaign. He requested parents not to put an ear on the negative propaganda on polio vaccine rather welcome the polio teams at their doorsteps and let their children vaccinated and protected against the polio disease.

He urged the parents that along with the polio vaccine, the routine immunizations of the children should also be completed to protect them from other diseases and viruses.

Syed Zahid Shah has urged the media, civil society, clerics, and people from all walks of life to play their due role in this attempt to eradicate the polio virus from Balochistan.

He further added that due to the winter weather, many families are travelling to other cities, its good to have their kids vaccinated at the transit points in order to protect not only their children from the polio disease but also other kids where they are going and staying for spending vacations.