A Year of Success and Struggle


Ali Anwar

It has been a complete year since Army Chief General Asim Munir took command of the world’s largest Islamic military force. During this year, under his leadership, the Pakistani armed forces and affiliated institutions have tirelessly worked to make the country successful on every front. When General Asim Munir assumed command, the country was politically and economically vulnerable. There were fears that it might default in a few days, leading to upheaval in the military. Things got to a point where rumours began to circulate about Pakistan’s nuclear assets falling into the wrong hands. All in all, the entire country was gripped by a strong grip of panic and uncertainty.
It was during those days that General Asim Munir stepped to the front with a determined resolve. The tenacity with which he steered the military towards pulling the country out of these challenges should be appreciated. He initiated steps to improve the economic and military aspects of Pakistan all the while focusing on a vision that aimed at the betterment of the nation. Taking command during a crucial time, he recognized the necessity of the IMF program for the country. General Asim Munir engaged with strategic allies like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, ensuring them of credible progress during their diplomatic visits and managed to secure a $3 billion deposit. This Saudi and Emirati injection of confidence, in turn, paved the way for Pakistan to enter the IMF program.
Following this, a special Investment Council was established, based on General Asim Munir’s vision, aiming to provide protection for investments within the country. As per the vision, this could only be achieved if all obstacles hindering economic stability were removed and steps taken to control inflation. General Asim Munir’s personal efforts within the business community instilled confidence in the nation’s progress. The Investment Council’s long-term program for foreign investment includes the significant involvement of the Chief of Army Staff.
Saudi Arabia acknowledged the success of General Asim Munir’s efforts, pledging a $25 billion fund solely for Pakistan. The UAE is also working on a $20 to $22 billion investment program. Meanwhile, chatter on the street celebrated that China’s investment in Pakistan is evident. After General Asim Munir took charge, he revived projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Some questioned the inclusion of the Army Chief in the Investment Council, but it should be remembered that going beyond its traditional role, the Pakistani military has played a crucial hand in bringing foreign investment, especially in projects requiring security clearance.
The military’s support is vital for investment, and General Asim Munir’s inclusion in this forum has provided credibility. Pakistan’s deep-rooted relations with these countries and past experiences demonstrate that the military has played a significant role in enhancing ties when civilian leadership fell short.
Recognizing Pakistan as an agrarian country and how only a green revolution could substantially tilt the scales in our favour, General Asim Munir initiated a Green Agriculture project in collaboration with the government to bring about an agricultural revolution.
In terms of security, the last year posed challenges with hidden terrorist elements in Afghanistan aiming to inflict irreparable harm on Pakistan. However, under General Asim Munir’s leadership, the Pakistani military effectively countered these threats, demonstrating resilience and dedication. The military’s role in identifying and addressing the presence of illegal foreign residents in the country is commendable.
In conclusion, the year under General Asim Munir’s leadership has been marked by notable achievements in both military and economic realms. May Allah keep the Chief of Army Staff under His protection, and may he continue to contribute to Pakistan’s prosperity during his tenure. Ameen
He writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.