AAA Associates, in collaboration with JDC, held Ramadan Sehri Banquet


The First Sehri of Ramadan was beaming with joy and gratitude, and the hosts along with the guests enjoyed a fulfilling and grand feast to begin the holy month this year, AAA Associates in collaboration with JDC contributed to the occasion. JDC who have been conducting Seher and Aftar for 11 years, along with many other charitable and philanthropic works with a vision of indiscriminate efforts for maximum provision.
It welcomed the representatives of AAA Associates in Karachi, who have promised to deliver 30 bikes for the month of Ramadan – one daily to be awarded to deserving candidates. Chairman AAA Associates, Mr. Fawad Bashir and Country Head AAA Associates, Mr. Kashif Iqbal, with other honourable members of the community were present at the Ramadan banquet.
AAA Associates believes in the importance of showing empathy and helping others through various works, it is determined to lift the social community and influence productivity and growth in our society. Aftar and Seher will be conducted for the whole month of Ramadan, 2022, in Rawalpindi by the AAA Associates in association with JDC.
Chairman AAA Associates Mr. Fawad Bashir, expressed his views and promised to ensure adequate and sustainable food provision for the malnourished in our community, through constant and consistent efforts to make our society joyous and fulfilling. He said, we need to indulge in the great act of kindness and compassion by feeding the ones struck with poverty and hunger, and those for whom it is hard to make ends meet.
Previously, AAA Associates with the collaboration of RCCI had arranged Daily Aftar for 500 people throughout the month of Ramadan to feed the underprivileged population of the twin cities in a dignified manner.
Last year, AAA Associates partnered with JDC in Islamabad on 19th May 2021 setting up the world’s largest Free Mobile Restaurant outside PIMS Hospital in the Capital City. After the successful launch of Free Mobile Restaurant in Karachi, JDC Collaborated with AAA Associates to extend its free food program initiative to other cities by carrying out a similar activity for an underprivileged population of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Syed Zafar Abbas Jafri, General Secretary, JDC Foundation Pakistan, who recently was honoured with Pride of Pakistan on 23rd Mach 2022, conveyed his gratitude for the efforts of AAA Associates and expressed hope that these endeavours will continue to expand and grow.
JDC Foundation Pakistan is an indiscriminate non-profit charitable organization. JDC works for the welfare of humanity in all parts of the world. AAA Associates proudly collaborates with the welfare non-governmental organization JDC, to serve people in need and improve our society with humanitarian services.
We belong to a compassionate nation, 98 percent of Pakistanis contribute to charitable causes, AAA Associates believes, it is significant to move in a direction to eradicate hunger from our society and make it a welfare and nourishing one.