Admissions on health card increases in KP: Jhagra


KP govt utilised 22 billion in public health, says health Minister
The provincial health department on Wednesday issued a health card monthly admission report.
According to a report, nearly nine million people have received treatment from the provincial government health care service. Since July, 2021 patients on the health card in public and private hospitals surged to double figure, report shared.
It said that the provincial government has spent around 22 billion on public health expenditure.
1.5 million patients have been treated in public while more than six lakh people have been treated under the health card, more than 136,000 people have been treated in various MTIs of the province through the health card.
Health and Finance Minister Timur Saleem Jhagra appreciated the health department’s performance and overall increase count in the province.
He said that more hospitals will be included in the health card panel this year, which will further expand the scope of health care services.
According to the monthly report of Health Card Plus issued by the Health Department, the number of people seeking treatment with Health Card Plus has increased from eight lakh to about nine lakh.
According to the report, since July 2021, there has been a doubling of treatment with health cards, while the inclusion of kidney and liver transplants has strengthened treatment under health cards in public and private hospitals.
According to the report, the highest expenditure was incurred on people suffering from heart disease who approached the first state-of-the-art Peshawar Institute of Cardiology in the province.