After 4 year devastation, inflation now they are singing election song: Maryam Aurangzeb


Federal information minister Maryum Aurangzeb has said allied government huge success is to save country from Imran project.
We saved country from biggest foreign agent and mafia, Maryum Aurangzeb said, we always saved country from economic difficulties.
In response to Imran Khan’s statement she said that Imran Khan Project pushed country toward default. Today, inflation, economic devastation, and political instability are due to Imran Khan.
She said in 2018 Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (pmln) gave youth jobs, progressing country, CPEC and 14000 Megawatt electricity projects.
We gave them terrorism free Pakistan, she added.
We gave them 6.2% progress and complete IMF program, she continued, four year Imran Khan project gave Pakistan economic default and unemployement and stopped progress.
Four year Imran Khan Project gave inflation, poverty and expensive flour, sugar, Lentils, oil. If bread is expensive today reason is Imran Khan project.
She said today’s IMF difficult demands are Imran project’s gift for people.