Agricultural Farming and Pak Army Role


Ali Anwar

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy because nearly 60 per cent of Pakistan’s income is directly related to agriculture. Over 60 per cent of the country’s population lives in villages. Due to this, it can be easily guessed why agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Then, you can extract the data of wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, potato, onion, and tomato for any agricultural species and will see how Pakistan stands among the first ten countries in the world in its production.
On the other hand, if we are an agricultural country, are we agriculturally self-sufficient? It is an important question that we do not import agricultural products for our needs. Because if any country is not self-sufficient in the production of agricultural commodities, it cannot be considered a food-independent state unless it produces more food than the needs of its population, but unfortunately, despite being an agricultural country, we have not yet become self-sufficient in terms of agriculture. Because even today, we import wheat, pulses and other agricultural commodities for our needs from outside the country which is a point for us to think about. Ukraine is smaller than Pakistan in area, but it is supplying wheat to the whole world and that is why, it is also called the warehouse of the whole world, from where the people of the world buy wheat for their needs. Well, the authorities need to think about it. My intention is not to criticize anyone.
Pakistan’s population ratio is also increasing, due to which the increase in food requirements in proportion to the population is also a natural requirement. Agricultural farming has not yet been practised according to modern scientific methods, due to which Pakistan has not been able to become self-sufficient in wheat production. Today, if our farmer grows 30 maunds of wheat from one acre, then the farmer in America and China is getting 60 to 70 maunds of wheat from one acre. So the land there is better than the land of Pakistan? Or is the farmer there more hardworking than the farmer in Pakistan? So it’s not like that. He is getting a higher yield per acre only because of modern agricultural farming.
An agricultural country like Pakistan, which is currently suffering from severe economic conditions, has to urgently understand the importance of agricultural farming.
In this regard, it is very important to take into account the progress and methods in agricultural farming of developed countries to stabilize the economy, because where we are far from modern agricultural farming, on the other hand, due to the lack of policy and control, agricultural land is being depleted. The gradual conversion of agricultural land into residential land has become an alarming situation that needs to be stopped.
On the other hand, although the land of Pakistan is agricultural, a large part of it also consists of barren land, which needs attention because such barren lands are wisely used for agricultural farming all over the world, but in Pakistan, except for a few institutions no special attention was given.
In the past, efforts were made in this regard and the experiments were also successful, which not only made the desert and barren land arable but also provided employment opportunities. If such barren land is given to the youth and they are encouraged to do modern agricultural farming there, firstly we can become self-sufficient in food and secondly unemployment can also be eliminated. By bringing in technology and local manpower, such land can be produced like gold.
Where the government can use the barren land for modern agricultural farming, the strong and organized institutions of the country, including the Pakistan Army, can play a key role in this regard.
However, it is said that now the wars in the world will not be due to possession of land or because of demeaning each other, but for getting food and water.
That is why the forces of the developed countries of the world, especially China, America, Israel and other countries are also supporting their governments by participating in agricultural farming and strengthening the country’s economy.
While Pakistan is taking steps to reform taxes and increase its collection after the IMF program, along with other positive reforms, agricultural farming can reap the benefits of the agriculture sector.
A lot of benefits can be obtained in a very short period from the wise planning of agricultural farming. In the declining economic situation, considering agricultural farming as a national need should be included in the top priorities of the current government because this is a sector that needs attention. Pakistan can emerge from the economic vortex.
Just as the Pakistan Army has performed its duties in the past in country-wide projects such as the construction and expansion of the Karakoram highway, Cleaning of Canals, WAPDA duties, Reko Diq planning, Polio campaign, security of the election and other sectors, it has done agricultural farming in the same way. Even in this case, if the experiences of the Pakistan Army are put to good use, then its substantial benefits can be brought to the country’s economy.
In the situation of increasing population ratio, constantly changing weather conditions and other economic crises, Pakistan Army must play its role in this regard.
Along with its primary security responsibilities, the Pakistan Army is capable of carrying out agricultural farming efficiently and if the government takes the support of the army in the matter of agricultural farming and takes advantage of the experience of the Pakistan Army, where the burden of economic difficulties will be reduced. There will also be an end to unemployment. Of course, the Pakistan Army will also respond to the call of the Government of Pakistan, because the Pakistan Army has always been the first to sacrifice whenever the country faced any difficulties.
Even in the current economic conditions, the Pakistan Army was the first to announce a reduction in its expenditure, after which the Prime Minister started the austerity campaign, so the government should now take a step further and contact the Pakistan Army with regard to agricultural farming. Pakistan should be self-sufficient in the agricultural sector and the country should be able to cope with difficult situations with the help of agricultural farming.