Ahsan Khan faces the music by asking Meera about her scandals


Islamabad – April 14 (Online): Ahsan Khan is very talented actor and host who has made his name in the industry with continuous struggles and some back to back hit projects.
The actor has been doing hosting for many years. He does Ramadan transmission for Hum Television and Pakistan Television.
Despite that, he started hosting a Talk show in 2019. The Show format stirred and ignited many controversies. Many things came to light after his show . The Mohsin Abbas controversy started from that show when he asked the singer about personal life and second marriage.
In same show he asked Mohib Mirza to open up on his divorce, which Mohib confirmed as well. He interrogated many actors about Mahira and Firdous Jamal controversy. The format got hit for Bol TV that grabbed significant rating.
The show pattern fetched Ahsan Khan another show for Express TV . In Time out with Ahsan Khan, firstly he was criticized for using animals as props followed by his over acting and questions.
In recent episode, he asked Meera to tell about her scandals. Meera talked about two of her scandals. When Meera was telling about her marriage scandal Ahsan also gave a sarcastic expression.
Netizens said that Meera handled such difficult question with confidence, also she did right to refute her scandals completely.