Aina Asif’s Opinion On Showing Divorce In Mayi Ri


Aina Asif is a new face in the industry and she has successfully won hearts with her role as Annie in the recently concluded drama Mayi Ri. Mayi Ri was a huge phenomenon and it brought Aina Asif from children roles straight into the lead category at the mere age of 15. She is handling the success well and she has appeared on various shows where her fans have been able to see the real her.
Aina was a guest on Mazaq Raat and she talked about the current actresses she aspires to be like.
Aina revealed that she is a big fan of Yumna Zaidi and Saba Qamar’s work and she would like to be like them at some point in her career. Both the leading ladies are her inspiration and she would love to star with them.
She also talked about trolling she had to face post Mayi Ri success.
Aina said that it is a great feeling when people are appreciating you but handling the trolling is not easy. When people say negative things after the success of any project, you feel like all your hardwork has gone in vain.
She also touched upon the controversial divorce that was shown at Mayi Ri’s ending.
Aina said that though Annie and Fakhir were good for each other, the time was just not right. They also wanted to show that child marriage is a wrong thing and therefore, that divorce was necessary.